Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…

Our three identities

A limerick about projecting the self….

There was a roleplayer from Fluxion,

Who played an elf for instruction.

From one to the other,

They made one another

Into a projected self co-construction.

Jim Gee's Three Identities of the self in gameplay and learning.

Jim Gee’s Three Identities of the self in gameplay and learning.

Active learning involves taking on new identities in order to be “the kind of person” needed to “do” the subject you are participating in.  For example, in order to do science, you take on the identity of someone who does science – an identity very different from someone who is being a mother, doing motherly things , for example.  Yet all these identities belong to the same person.  When we take on these other roles, the self we are familiar with that gets projected onto the self that we expect to be (for example, in roleplay, my ninja character isn’t going to tell the person she works for to clean their room.  Instead, she’s going to bring the person the head of the victim she’s decapitated).

When we’re busy figuring out what it is that our “other” role is supposed to do, act, and think, we’re in this state of transformation and reflection – we are in the process of becoming.  This is the heart of where critical thinking happens, and it happens everywhere that we have the courage to try something new.


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