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Finding the ovaries…

I don’t need balls.  People expect balls.  They react to balls like a scripted sex scene out of a badly directed porn series – thoughtless, automatic, and it never goes beneath the surface to what counts.

I need ovaries.  I need the ovaries to continue my search for language and expression that creates; for meaning that challenges and provokes thought; for words that empower.  I crave for the words that tear past the ripples of normalacy, burrowing deep – drilling past bone to lodge into the soul where it lives, stirring, fluttering, never allowing its human to ever rest again.  Words that drive the sleeper to action – to stand for what one is fighting for, to question and investigate.

They are the words to the other self, created by a language that is created when they are spoken.  I need the ovaries to stand up and find this language, in spite of those blinded by the other truths, who will never understand their meaning.

Come for my Tuesday Talk!

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, in Second Life, I will be presenting: Using the F word to Confront Gender Inequity: A Historical Evolution of the Word “Feminist.”

This talk discusses some of the challenges humans face with gender inequity.  In order to start productive conversations and plans of action to confront social injustices, one needs to break past stereotypes and look deeply and differently into the normalizing patterns in society that oppress.  This talk is not about man-hating, Feminazis, or bra burning (that was so yesterday).  Instead, it is a brief history on the word “feminist” – how it evolved, why it started, who started it, and what has happened because of it.  Also… a question of… where do we go next?

Only through deconstructions that looks critically at decentering and difference can we start to position ourselves in ways that are not only empowering, but also moves us towards creating the changes we want to see in an equitable world.  This talk will be the first in a series of lectures on the topic of empowerment and  voice.  I hope you can join us!

The audience is invited for discussions afterwards.

This talk will start at 7:00 pm SLT (10:00 EST) here:

Hope to see you there!



Part 1 – Roleplay in Second Life – Finding an RP community

So I posed a question to a roleplaying friend of mine in Second Life:  How does a newcomer become a part of an established roleplaying community?

It’s been so long since I had been a part of of an RP (roleplay) community, I thought it would be helpful to roleplayers (RPers) everywhere to revisit some of the questions we ask when looking for roelplay:

  1. How do you find a roleplaying community?
  2. How do you learn about it – background, rules, context, etc?
  3. How do you get ready to go to a roleplaying sim – like, as a newcomer, what do I wear, how do I act?  What do I do if I know nothing about the sim to start with?
  4. What are different ways that I can participate and become involved – like, how do I even introduce myself without being creepy?  Then, how do I even get to know people?
  5. What’s the roleplaying etiquette in the sim that I’m going into?

So in order to answer those questions, I asked if I could tag along with my friend, Au Seon Yul, while she explored the sim, “Remnants of Earth,” a post-apocalyptic, science-fictiony, futuristic Earth that’s very dark.


Let’s start with that first question:  How do you find a roleplaying community?

Ask people in Second Life:
My friend Au learned about Remnants of Earth (RoE) from another roleplaying friend.  I also have people on my friendslist who are avid roleplayers, and so we get “grandfathered” into communities through networking connections – people knowing of other people who are already established members of these communities.  Come to think of it, I have been grandfathered into every RP community I’ve participated in because of people that I’ve known!  However, this doesn’t mean that it HAS to be this way.  For many communities, they have established “portals” for newcomers to enter and feel comfortable fairly quickly!  RoE is definitely a great example of this, as I’ll explain…

Browse profiles and groups that interest you:
People’s profiles were meant to be looked at (although you will find some people who say otherwise).  However, for me, they represent a huge repository of information from which you can learn about individual people, their networks and all KINDS of things!  Many times, you’ll learn about roleplaying sims simply by looking at someone’s groups and picks that y’ve listed in their profiles.  For example, take a look at my friend Winter’s profile, his 2nd Life tab, and his Picks tab (clicking on the picture will blow it up for you)


By looking at group information on someone’s profile, you can find out about roleplaying groups that you might want to be a part of.  You can even message the moderators of these groups to ask for information if you are interested in participating.  People LOVE it when you are interested in their communities!  They will be more than happy to help you, believe me.

Look at the Second Life Wiki for Roleplaying Communities
Second Life has a destination guide which lists all the various roleplaying sims that are out there, and they include a brief description of what each sim is about.  As you will quickly discover, there are all KINDS of roleplaying sims out there, and it’s fun to just visit and see what they are about.  Although it may be intimidating at first (geesh, even I still get intimidated), learning some of the basic rules of contact and etiquette will help you easily assimilate and feel comfortable exploring quite easily and quickly.

Use the Web to find out more
Once you find a community, you can learn more about them by searching the web.  In particularly active communities, such as “Remnants of Earth,” you will find detailed information about the sim, as well as useful things, such as background, rules, people to contact, etc.  Additionally, some sims will let members post up their characters bios, giving you more of an “in” of how people roleplay and interact.  It is perfectly okay to message RPers that interest you to say, “Hey, I saw your profile on the RoE web page, and I was wondering if you could help me…”


Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll post more on this subject in subsequent posts, so please stay tuned!  Also, I found a very, VERY helpful guide to Second Life Roleplay here: in a blog by Salvatore Otoro.

Enjoy and Happy Roleplaying, Everyone!

Verschränkung – Second Life and Flickr

I returned to Second Life after taking a two year hiatus.  Upon coming back, many of my favorite sims had closed, and most of the people on my friendslist had left.  It felt as if I had returned to the post apocalyptic ruins of a once great and ancient civilization – everywhere…shadows of former life, people, and imprints of a robust community.

Yet, like survivors of an apocalypse, we gather the pieces, rebuild, and find what’s left to live again.  Oftentimes when I visit sims, I wonder, “Is it alive?  Is it dead?  What can I do?  What can I salvage?”  In some places, Second Life is very much alive and well.  In other places, it’s a wasteland, where your appearance will be the only traffic that that sim will have for the next few weeks.  Sifting through the refuge, you find hidden treasures, held more precious now, because the population of Second Life has declined; the ones left who thrive?  They are the survivors.

And now, I’ve discovered Flickr!  Like many virtual tools and worlds, I’ve learned to approach them with a very jaded perspective – is this alive?  Is it dead?  Is there something better?  You determine very quickly whether you’ve come before, during, or after the quarum.  In Flickr’s case, I sifted through many old, discarded profiles and albums trying to answer that question: Is it alive?  Has it been abandoned for something better?  What can I do?

Suffice to say, I was quite pleased with my discovery!  Not only is Flickr alive and well, but it has become another connection for me to the amazing and talented artists in Second Life.  Here, take a look at this group:

Check out some of the photos below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Perhaps Second Life is not dead, but… we must find the parts that are alive, and nurture them for growing.
Lycan vs Dragons



You dance like a queen In spite of all the things you never wanted

Dancing horse / Artist : Livio Korobase

Migraine Solace

Pain soaked bed and bloodied cave of my design.  My world, separated by a thin, sweat dampened blanket and the comforting stench of my own body protected me from the outside; but I had no solace from within.  Thoughts pool inside in my head like dying fish; silhouetted and choked by thick, polluted opium water.

I had to do it.

Hidden within that glutted school of piscine bodies were sharp toothed sharks with razored fins and venomous skin.  Their bites made deep, phantom gashes that tore at my head and rendered me helpless.  My vice.  My only solace.  My drugs.

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