Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…

Finding the ovaries…

I don’t need balls.  People expect balls.  They react to balls like a scripted sex scene out of a badly directed porn series – thoughtless, automatic, and it never goes beneath the surface to what counts.

I need ovaries.  I need the ovaries to continue my search for language and expression that creates; for meaning that challenges and provokes thought; for words that empower.  I crave for the words that tear past the ripples of normalacy, burrowing deep – drilling past bone to lodge into the soul where it lives, stirring, fluttering, never allowing its human to ever rest again.  Words that drive the sleeper to action – to stand for what one is fighting for, to question and investigate.

They are the words to the other self, created by a language that is created when they are spoken.  I need the ovaries to stand up and find this language, in spite of those blinded by the other truths, who will never understand their meaning.


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