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Would You Be my WOOkie?

A little bit past Valentine’s but still…

Would you be my wookie?

We’d circle the stars from Ta’toine and back

Bludgeon the storm troopers that gave us  flack

I’d take care of you, and with my might,

I’d get rid of the fleas that bit you at night.

You say you’d tear my arm out of its socket?

….well then, would you be my ewok?

I’ve got treats in my pocket.

One Billion Rising in Second Life


Today, I got to unveil my first 3D art project, “Transgressing Through the Looking Glass” at One Billion Rising in Second Life!  What an amazing journey it has been personally for me, as I wrestled with difficult concepts, figuring out ways to not only express myself, but also…how to reach out to others, too.  My display is in OBR Drum Region.  You can take the landmark to get to OBR, and walk about.  There’s lots and lots to see!

The art is only up until tomorrow, then it all comes down.

My flickr feed, just to give you a taste:



The sign before walking up the path to the exhibit.

The sign before walking up the path to the exhibit.


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