Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…


Pivot was part of the artistic build named “Tilt,” created by Thickbrick Sleaford.  It was also an autoethnographic performance for Burn 2 in Second Life.  I had the honor of being on stage along side Natalya Lore and Explorer Dastardly.  Although I went into Burn 2 with a burning fire for unleashing some of my nervous creativity, I did not come prepared for the utter joy, enlightenment and satisfaction I found in working with these three people who are very near and dear to me.  Burn 2 was more than doing art for art’s sake – I found that it was an opportunity to create with family in a way that brought us closer.

Tilt and pivot, like a woman on glass heels.  She sways to the left of the light, bathed in the flicker of other people.  She sways to the right of the dark and moves inside.  In and out, left, right, left, her body must not stay still, for her feet must never stray from the line.  As the glass shatters and tears her skin apart, she leaves behind tiny, perfect footprints made from her blood.  Life is averaged.  She walks on, and the audience claps politely.

In autoethnographic performance, the performer shares experience as a way to enlighten, transform, and sometimes, to heal.  I share my slides here with you to enjoy as well…


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