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Journey to Fantasy Faire

I’ve only been in Second Life a short time, but last year I found myself completely enchanted by the Fantasy Faire, so much so that I couldn’t wait to attend again.  The Fairelands are now open to explore all while supporting an amazing cause, Relay for Life.

Servants of Odin

I’ve done a bit of my own adventuring through these beautiful lands, and they are just as wonderful as expected.  As a lover of all things fairy tale related, I truly fell in love with the Spires of Andolys, but there are many sims and each one has something to offer for those that love escaping reality into fantasy.

Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Night Theater’s performance “Fantasme” at the Fairelands.  It was just as lovely as all the other things the fair has to offer, entrancing and amazing.

Fantasme at Fantasy Faire 2015

I am a big fan of theater and performance both in the real world and the virtual, and this performance exceeded all expectations.  If you have the chance, you should definitely check out their performance, They will be sharing their show at 7pm SLT on weeknights and 12pm SLT on weekends.


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