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Artist Spotlight: iSkye Silverweb

As we prepare for the upcoming Art Auction at the Builder’s Brewery in Second life, we are going to spotlight the awesome people slated to contribute to this amazing event!  This is a Relay For Life Event, and proceeds from the Art Auction will go to benefit the American Cancer Society.  The Art Auction will run June 20-27th, and will kick off with a Masquerade Ball on the 20th!  There will also be events all week to raise money for the cause, so stay tuned for more info!

Artist: iSkye Silverweb

iSkye Silverweb enjoys art of all forms, but finds herself creating (more often trying to get her way) with prims and, increasingly, mesh pieces. In between her various work and volunteer activities she appreciates the opportunities for creative outlet in virtual and real settings. She has had friends and family whose lives were taken by cancer and so she contributes with the hope that her piece will give someone enjoyment while also helping to advance a wonderful cause.


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