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Silent Art Auction and Events at the Builder’s Brewery!

Charity Art Auction for Relay for LifeThe Relay Wizards team is holding a silent art auction from June 20-June 27 as a charity fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  The event will be hosted at the Builder’s Brewery, and will kick off with a Magic and Mystery Masquerade Ball from 1:00-3:00 pm SLT on June 20th.  The 2015 Avi Choice Award’s favorite performer, Magnus Brody  will be our DJ!  Punkerella Summers has graciously created collectors masks ESPECIALLY for this event, and will only be available at the ball!

Afterwards, people will be able to bid on artwork throughout the week until June 27th.  Check out the art in our gallery below!  Some of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, and will not be found anywhere else on the grid!  You can read about these remarkable artists in our past blog posts.  We personally thank them for their kind and generous donations.

We have art by: Feathers Boa, Osprey Therian, iSkye Silverweb, Astrid Zhangsun, Rebeca Bashley, Explorer Dastardly, Elsie Wonder, Khaphiri Flux, Micah Eichel, Ilyra Chardin, Rory Torrance, Osprey Therian, Lizzie Gudkov, Issarlk Chatnoir, Blue Mikado and Thickbrick Sleaford, Andi Firelight, Eleanora Newell, Van Caerndow, Natalya and Clint Lore, Fearchar Enoch, and Sir Jackson Sirius Wolfe.

A personal thanks to the art patrons that have donated art from their personal collections: Explorer Dastardly, Dr. Fran Babcock, Belua Broadfoot, and 0THELLA.

Take a look below to see our schedule of events for the week.  It includes a poetry slam and a building contest!  For both, first prize is L$2000, second prize is L$1000 and third prize is L$500!

Saturday 20 June1:00pm-3:00pm SLT  Mystery and Magic Masquerade Ball with DJ Magnus Brody.Formal attire requested.  Punkerella Summers has designed some EXCLUSIVE masquerade masks that you can only get at this event!
Start of the silent art auction
Sunday 21 June Silent art auction continues alongside Builder’s Brewery regular events
Monday 22 June Silent art auction continues alongside Builder’s Brewery regular events
Tuesday 23, June5:00pm-6:00pm SLT  DJ John Simms turns up Techno Tuesday with a party!Silent art auction continues
Wednesday 24, JuneStarting at 5:00pm SLT Anhayla and Dr. Fran will host a building contest at the Brewery Sandbox! Prizes: 1st – L$2000; 2nd – L$1000; 3rd – L$500Silent art auction continues
Thursday 25 June
2:00pm-5:00pm SLT
 Come dunk the Brewery’s own Sensuous Maximus!Don’t forget the dunk tank and jail’n’bail will be available throughout the week!Silent art auction continues
Friday 26 June7:00pm-9:00pm SLT  Poetry Slam contest, hosted by Natalya, Explorer and BluePrizes: 1st – L$2000; 2nd – L$1000; 3rd – L$500Silent art auction continues
Saturday 27 June9:00pm-12:00am Last day of the silent art auctionPajama Party with DJ Magnus Brody!Come celebrate with us as our silent auction closes!

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