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Artist Spotlight – Haveit Neox

Our silent Art Auction at the Builder’s Brewery in Second life has been really amazing, with some incredible artists on the grid.  We are going to spotlight the awesome people that have contributed to this amazing event!  This is a Relay For Life Event, and proceeds from the Art Auction will go to benefit the American Cancer Society.  The Art Auction will run June 20-28th, and will kick off with a Masquerade Ball on the 20th!  There will also be events all week to raise money for the cause, so stay tuned for more info!

Artist Spotlight: Haveit Neox

I feel that I grew up in a garden. Nearly always a barefoot kid with stained feet from the earth, I constructed primitive cities with yard debris, mud, and twigs. Colorful paint and cutout pictures from magazines enriched the surfaces. Later I fashioned cities of fired clay and glazes. Interior and exterior spaces fascinated me as I observed bugs take up residence. I also drew cities on paper and long scrolls. As an adult and artist, the cities advanced from their mud origins, to painted scrolls, ceramics and metals for the architectural features, and currently to pixels.

In Real Life, I have displayed my artworks mainly in Los Angeles, New York, and a couple shows in Paris. The theme is often based on urban settings of my own invention. In Dec. 2009, I was lead to the virtual world of Second Life, which I enjoy as an art studio. For the first time in my life, I now witness people (by virtue of their avatars) entering into, and using the spaces I created. In the context of the city, the interior and exterior spaces both hold my artwork, and are themselves a habitable exhibit.

Current exhibit is at LEA20 until the night of June 30, 2015. Please scroll down under exhibits for info.

– Haveit Neox

“City Inside Out”
“Last Green”


ACC ALPHA: My home in SL is on the sim I built, ACC Alpha. Please feel welcome to visit the city. There are many art venues, as well as fun activities to enjoy. The LMs below are some choice spots on the sim. For information about events and developments, visit my blog Film tour of the sim:

Studio of Builds Museum: 􀀔
Plateau of Man Park: 􀀒
Cabinet of Curiosities: 􀀑
Library of Darkrodin: 􀀓

port of sparquerry 2_001

Port of Sparquerry

SPARQUERRY: I’ve developed this island dedicated to art exhibits. Please get your feet wet and explore under the waves as well as inside the looming temple on the land. Kick back and relax at the Tree House; a shipwreck lodged in the jungle’s canopy.

Selection of ten recent EXHIBITS I’ve done in SL:

1. “CITY INSIDE OUT” At Lea20. Jan 1 – June 30, 2015


2. “POSEIDONS ABYSS – The Arts and Entertainment sim” At Fantasy Faire 2015. April 2015


3. “DINOSAURS” At Kutzi Gallery, Mexico MX. Open Mar 6 2015

RISING at Kutzi gallery 2015 (1024)


4. “THE GODS DWINDLE” At Plusia Ars Island. Sept 2014

Locandina Haveit-ITA

poster courtesy of Paolo Seaside


5. “TEARING DOWN HOME” At Art’E Gallery. July 2014

Tearing Down Home (1024)


6. “ROLL OF THE DICE” At MBK Galerie am alten Markt. April + May, 2014.



7. “FANTASY FAIRE 2014” At Palace of Tears. April 2014

Centaur crowd 18_001


8. “CARNIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE” At ACC Alpha. April 10, 2014. The Paper Observatory lowers onto the ACC Alpha sim in performance art.

Paper Observatory filming being done by Haveit Neox at LEA 21 3

Photo courtesy of JoshR Woodrunner. This image is from the previous exhibit of the Paper Observatory. I don’t have any pictures of the actual event as I was busy conducting the show


9. “MINIATURE GOALS” At Art India in Shekhawati. Feb and Mar 2014

The Miniature Goal Poster

Poster courtesy of Quan Lavender

10. “PAPER OBSERVATORY” Full sim exhibit at LEA21. Full month of Jan 2014

Paper Observatory LEA 12_001


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