Virtuosity 11.11

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This is Halloween

As you can probably tell, I love fall and Halloween fashions.  If you are looking for some cute things in world related to fall and Halloween, get your avvie on over to Collabor88 and the Seasons Story.  They have both cute Halloween decor, beautiful outfits and awesome new things for fall.  Here’s some of the items I grabbed:


[Click Images to enlarge]

Check out Collabor88 here and the Seasons Story here.

Style Credit

Jacket – Foxes – The Pagan – Leather Jacket – @Collabor88
Dress – Foxes The Pagan Tunic Dress – @Collabor88
Boots – Pure Poison Adrianna boots (with texture and color changing HUD) @Collabor88
Hair – Elika by Elikatira
Trees – Half Deer – Dead Wood Tree in Ashen and Elder @Collabor88
Couch – Pure Poison Planty Couch @Collabor88
Tub – unKindness – Comfort Tubby (free gift) @The Seasons Story
Tree with Pumpkins – The Horror! – Nightmare Tree in Purple @The Seasons Story


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