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Winter 2015 Look Book

Hi Everyone!

Blue here.  I’ve been hunkering down at my desk, trying to be a grad student, which is why I have not been on here as much.  As I start to see a glimmer of light at the end of my very, very long tunnel, my friends have reminded me that once in a while, I must duck out and enjoy the seasons.  Since Natalya started to do it, I thought I’d continue the tradition of a Look Book!  Often, I will see someone in SL, or see a picture of them in Flickr, and I want to know where they got their beautiful outfit, or their hair, or their skin or eyes.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite outfits with you, along with where you might find them.

I start with the one that I wear most often during the holidays, since you just never know when you’ll be in a sim with ice!  You’ve always gotta be prepared, right?


Hello, Winter!

This outfit (as are many of the ones I put together) is a bricolage from a lot of different sets.  My inventory is terrible, I admit – just a total mess, but when I find things I like, I tend to include them in other places – like this!

I added a little bit of a vignette (love doing that to my pictures), softened the lines, and added text using

For the rest, please check out below, and enjoy!

Where this was taken:

Visit this location at Enchantment ~ Neverland ~ {Nov 14 to Dec 5} in Second Life

My outfit:
Jacket, miniskirt and thigh highs outfit:…

Fingerless gloves clothing layer:…

Mesh Scarf:

Ice Skates:


My Avatar Parts:
Hair: Exile: Falling for you Fusion 2

Skin: Lumae Nima, Honey

Makeup: [mock] Stardust Shadow Peony and Blushing Contessa Lipshine…

Shape: Dr. Life Fen (with lots of my own modifications)


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