Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…

Catching Butterflies

She closed her eyesMonarch-butterflies-pacific-grove

and opened her mind;

released her thoughts

and let them find

the fire in the butterflies.

Its seems at the start of every large writing project, I find myself at the edge of a cliff with a large net.  The sky is full of colorful butterflies – their wings dazzle and catch in the light while they fly erratically – teasing, nearing, then flitting unpredictably away, while luring me from my safe space, daring me to step off that safe cliff rock to fall into the dark abyss.  I am mesmerized by their brilliance, as wings collide and dance in front of me.  I only need to catch a few – but they must be specific kinds!  So I watch, and try to shake myself out of that overwhelming stupor – the confusion of having so many ideas and thoughts spiral around me.  I spend days there, focusing, concentrating on that single butterfly that I must catch.  Sometimes, I find them in my net, and am fooled – a stray petal or leaf, but not the butterfly I want.  At other times, I catch so many, and I must only pick a few.  Their brilliant colors confuse me, and before I can get out my collecting jar, they have all flown away.

Find me today, on the edge of the cliff.  I’m catching butterflies, again.  I hold my net and my jar, eyes locked onto the swirls of color… I just need a few.  Only a few.  Just a few to light my way.

Then, I will be ready to jump!



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2 thoughts on “Catching Butterflies

  1. That’s a nice narrative and a lovely picture of butterflies ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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