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Clearing out the Cobwebs.

Last year I celebrated the pagan holiday of Yule for the first time, specifically the Norse leaning traditions that go along with it.  As the year begins a new, I started a few new ventures to try to realize the hopes, dreams and resolutions I had for the coming year.

My second year in Second Life has been quite different from the first, my second rez day will be March of this year.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and the more I reflect back on it all, the more I’m glad I came.  Even though it has not been all sunshine, it has definitely changed me for the better.  Though I can’t collect the physical photos of everything I’ve done in the last couple of years, I have lots of fond memories.


Looking over the memories


My newest virtual adventure is a foray into clothing making.  I’m still figuring things out, but I finally got a store up and my first set of shirts made.  I think that trying new things helps us express ourselves.  I did parts of the decal by hand and then fancied them up in photoshop.

My hope is for this year to be a year of learning new skills, trying new things and setting out on new adventures.  So glad to have you all along for the ride!  – Nat



Photo Credits:

1st Photo:

Props – Storage boxes, camera and photo piles – What Next (Storage boxes at Collabor88)

Top – Cathby Shrug & Strappy Cami – Tres Blah

Hair – Elikatira

Pants/Boots – Ison


2nd Photo:

Top – Wonder Woman Tee in Blue – White Queen Designs

Hair – Elikatira


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2 thoughts on “Clearing out the Cobwebs.

  1. Good luck on your ventures, and in celebrating your spiritual path.


  2. Just you wait – third year is going to be incredible!!!! I love the shirt, Aubrey!!!


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