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Why I Relay: An Introduction to Relay for Life in Second Life

I am by no means an expert on Relay for Life in Second Life, but if you’re considering joining a Relay team, this post may help you know a little about what is to come.  Relay for Life raises funds for the American Cancer Society.  Last year was my first year participating in Relay for Life in Second life, and it was quite the whirlwind!  This year I am helping co-captain the Builder’s Brewery team, alongside my best friend and fellow contributor to this blog, Blue Myanamotu.


A Pajama Party we threw at the Brewery last year!! What A blast!!

The Relay Season will officially kick off March 6th, but before that we will participate in “Paint SL Purple” February 28th through March 6th.  Once the festivities kick off, Relay teams start to sponsor many different kinds of events to raise funds for cancer research. 

Last year, I helped with many different events and activities last year, which included:

  • A week-long art auction, where all proceeds from the art went to Relay.
  • A masquerade ball and pajama party which kicked off and closed the week of the art auction.
  • A poetry slam, where participants got prizes and the price of registration for the slam contest was donated to Relay.
  • Dunk a Brewer – We dunked a few of the Brewery Staff into water tanks with silly sharks inside. (I think my favorite was Sen, she was such a good sport and it was so hard to want to dunk her!)
  • Jail and Bail – We lock someone up and people have to donate for their release, or to keep them locked up!

There are also many fun things to do outside of your own team, like attend and vote on the Castle contest.  Fly your way over to the Fantasy Faire or the Sci-Fi Convention.  If you want to keep tabs on what upcoming big Relay events on their way, check out their website.

All of these awesome events lead up to Relay Weekend, July 16-17th.  Relay Weekend last year was full of a lot of emotions for me last year.  It was so wonderful to walk the Relay track with my team, and to think of my Dad, who I lost in 2006 to Pancreatic Cancer, as I did it.

For me, that is why I Relay.  To honor my father.  By the time this Relay season passes it will have been ten years since I lost him.  People work so hard in Second Life to honor those we have lost, those that have survived and those that still struggle with Cancer.  I hope you consider participating, joining a team or just checking out the events and donating.

Keep an eye on this blog for more news about the Builder’s Brewery Relay team and our upcoming events.  If you are in Second Life and would like to join the team, there’s a sign-up form here:

Builder’s Brewery RFL Sign-up


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