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Houseplant Challenge Accepted!

I have a long history of being a plant abuser.  Even self-watering plant containers have only lasted so long with my busy schedule.  I think the last indication that I needed to give up on the whole idea of ever successfully adopting a plant, was when my co-workers walked into my office, snatched up the large, dying arrowhead plant from its stand, and confiscated it.  As they were nursing it back to health, they told me that I was not allowed to have another office plant again.

Then I met Chantal through the Blogging 101 class.  Her very interesting blog, Weeds an All talks about her adventures in gardening, which absolutely fascinates me!  Chantal’s blog is such a delightful read, but she’s also a very nice person to talk to (we leave comments for each other).  Well, in one of our conversations, I asked her about houseplants (I never did get rid of the guilt for what I did to that poor plant).  It turns out, that she, too, hasn’t had much success, and suggested that we both try our luck again!  So, in her post about houseplant gardening, she issued a challenge (not really a challenge – more like one of those ‘Oh, those shoes are cute!  Hey!  I should get a pair’ type challenge).  If you check out her post, you’ll see that she has two very healthy looking plants now, in her house.  …I had to get one of my own, now!

Okay, so I cheated just a tiny bit.  I went to this article to find a plant that wouldn’t die on me.  I’m still a tad bit skeptical, though, because more than half those plants on that list have suffered (and died) under my “care.”  But…I can’t disappoint!  To quote Henry Ford, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Now, houseplants are also really GOOD for your home, too!  Granted, I took this link from Miracle Grow’s infographic on houseplants, but still.  A non-medicinal way to clean the air, lower stress, and give you something to smile about?  I’ll take it!

So, I will introduce you to Oscar, the newest edition to my office:


Meet Oscar the pothos plant

I posted Oscar to my Instagram, and my friend suggested that I name them.  I may change Oscar’s name, by the way, if the plant tells me otherwise, at a later date. ^.^

Are you up for the house plant challenge?  Chantal’s blog gives a GREAT tutorial on getting started!  I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a plant person, so in addition to Chantal’s blog post, I will leave this nice blog post on caring for your pothos, by Heather.

Enjoy your plants!!!



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12 thoughts on “Houseplant Challenge Accepted!

  1. I took our Master Gardener course in 2005 and still can’t keep houseplants alive. I just laid to rest a Boston Fern that grew well all summer, and one of those air plants. Years ago I did well with a jade plant, and right now my Aloe is very lush. This is a source of great frustration! KUDOS to you. My husband will mock me if I bring another plant in right now.

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  3. I love plants and gardening. It is very therapeutic to see a new leaf, or a flower bloom. I have many house plants, but of course it is a challenge to keep them alive and healthy. A small kitchen garden with herbs can be a good start.

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    • You know, I’ve tried growing herbs, and I have the worst luck? I don’t know if it’s the lack of light, or I get forgetful with watering, but… I’ve even tried hydroponic gardening for a little bit, and it wasn’t very successful. But I agree with you! I adore flowers, and spring is one of my favorite seasons!

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      • Mine too, and this time due to unusually warm winter, spring is already knocking the door.

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      • Lucky you! I’m still in the icy weather for probably the next few months…. I wish it were warmer – I long for the spring!

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      • When the weather is cold we long for warmer weather, and when it is hot, we long for rains. But when this year it did not become very cold, maybe due to global warming or perhaps El Nino, I realized the importance of all the seasons. Thankfully I live in a place where we can enjoy different weather conditions and do not have same weather throughout the year. Each season brings with it its own challenges and benefits.

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