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I had the great fortune of having my blog visited by Kathy.  If you haven’t dropped by her blog, it’s worth it.  She is one of those inspiring people who is living her dream as an artist, and the things that she creates are quite amazing.  In one of the comments she left me on my blog, she said, “…Practice makes perfect and sometimes it takes a long time. Perseverance to become the best is a virtue.


If you do a Google search on “Failure quotes,” you’ll find a surprisingly large amount of them talk about what happens after the failure.  It is a fallacy to believe that successful people have never failed, or that they were simply lucky in all their endeavors.

More often than not, successful people fail all the time.  The difference is that they persevere until they no longer fail.

In other words, failure is just another challenge – and we can either pick ourselves up, or let that failure defeat us.  However, defeat is only a state of mind.  If we persevere, and continue to try harder, wiser, and smarter, eventually, we succeed.  Sometimes, it requires a change in ourselves to get there, but, if you persevere and are determined enough, you eventually will.



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2 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Very aptly said- failure is a part of success. Persevere we must.

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