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Tuesday Tutorial – Evernote for Lectures, Snapshots, and Scans

Hi Everyone!

I have been doing small talks at the Non-Profit Commons in Second Life, where I have had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of passionate people.  This Friday, I’ll be interviewed by blog radio host, Marie, on her Talk! with Marie show about my work.  In the spirit of this upcoming show, I wanted to highlight an excellent suggestion that she gave me – that people would be interested in tutorials that show what I use in my grad school work!

Evernote is one of my first tools, because it is not only an electronic journal that keeps everything for me, but the paid subscription means that it makes everything SEARCHABLE!  Even my hand-written notes!

Below, I present a quick tutorial on how to get those  hand-written notes, and the notes instructors put on the board, into your Evernote in a fast and easy way.  Look on, and prepare to be amazed!  (Well, at least I was, when I first tried this trick!)

Using my nifty Camtasia program, if you view this on Youtube, you can actually click to the marked chapters – which might make viewing more pleasurable to you, if you have a short amount of time.

Enjoy, and let me know if there are other sorts of tutorials that you might be interested in seeing!


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial – Evernote for Lectures, Snapshots, and Scans

  1. It’s a powerful tool isn’t it? I used to use it in my work.


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