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Creating a fundraising page for Relay for Life of Second Life (Member’s page)

As a team co-captain for the Builder’s Brewery group in Second Life, I fundraise for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life.  This tutorial will help Relay for Life of Second Life team members navigate the Relay for Life of Second Life website in order to make their own dashboard.

A dashboard is a very handy way of moving your fundraising beyond the Second Life world.  You can keep two dashboards – one with your avatar, and one with your real life name.  Then, you can give people the link to either dashboard to make donations, regardless of which world you encounter them in!  Plus, on the dashboard, people can make payments more easily using either their credit card or PayPal.


This tutorial is for Relay for Life of Second Life team members.  It will guide you through setting up your dashboard.

  • It is suggested that you make one dashboard page for your avatar (using your Second Life username), and a second, separate dashboard for your real name.  That way, you can fundraise for your team, but it keeps your virtual and physical worlds separate.
  1.  Go to the Relay for Life of Second Life website.  Click the button, “Fundraise In RL



2. It will bring you to the page below.  Click “Join a Team


3.  Next, find your team name from the drop down menu.  If your team is not on this list, please check with your team captain to see if they have set up the dashboard for your team’s page.  If not, you can refer them to this post, which will give your captain the instructions for how to set it up.


4. You will now be entering information to set up your personal dashboard page.  You can fill out the boxes based on your personal choices.  You will NOT have to pay a registration fee in order to relay in SL.

  • However, if you choose to donate at this point, you will be asked to put in your RL address linked to your credit card for the billing information.
  • If you chose “No, I’ll donate later,” the setup will skip the billing information stage.


5.  Use your SL name for one of your dashboards.  If you have a newer user name, you can use “Resident’ as the last name.  If you do not wish to use your real address, use this address:

123 Virtual Ave.
Ny, NY  12345

This is the official “SL” address that Relay has provided for teams in SL.  For username, we suggest using a familiar email, or a name that you can easily remember.  Warning: When you click “Next” you will initially get an error message. See below.


6.  You will get an error message that looks like the picture below.  Don’t worry!  Hit “Next” again, and it will go through.


7. Review your information on the screen.  Make sure you’ve got all the spellings, and that you are using your Captains name in SL (and not your real name).  If you made a mistake, hit “Previous” to go back.  Otherwise, hit “Next”


8. BOOM!  You’re done!  Now, start inviting your other team members to register!  You can have them use the same SL virtual address if they are not comfortable using their real address.


A picture of your default dashboard page:



Until there is a cure, we Relay!


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