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Gacha Carnival – A Call For Creators

The Builder’s Brewery Relay for Life team is calling for creators to join our Gacha Festival.  The Festival will run April 9-16th, and all proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

Gacha Festival Call To Create

They would like each creator to contribute a complete gacha set (set of clothing, hair in various shades, living room set, etc).  These items don’t have to be unique for the Gacha Festival, though they would love it if they were.  Each creator is welcome to sell the set at their store once the Festival is over.   They will be providing the gacha machines, they just need amazing creators to supply what’s in them and a Gacha Key!

The deadline for contributing a Gacha Set is April 4th 2016.  For more information you can check out the press kit here:

If you are interested in contributing, you can fill out the google form here:

Or you can send a notecard in Secondlife to Natalya Lore (freudianslipped Resident)(or email her at with the following information:

Your SL Name:

Store Name:

Gacha Theme: (for example, “Clothing: Alice in Wonderland Dresses”, or “Tattoos: Inspirational Poetry”)

Your mainstore SLURL, Marketplace Link, or blog you’d like used for promotion (if you have one, if not just leave blank):

The Builder’s Brewery Relay for Life team will be so grateful for your donation and they will do their best to promote your work!


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