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DIY Whiteboard Tutorial

I learned this little trick from my son’s 3rd grade teacher.  With just a pack of sheet protectors and paper, you can make an entire class set of “whiteboards” to use in the classroom or for your own personal use when studying (I’ll talk about that part next week).

You only need three things: paper, sheet protector and whiteboard markers.

IMG_2542 (1)

Really.  That’s it.  Put the paper (and this can be blank paper, lined, graph, etc) into the sheet protector.  Write on top of it with a whiteboard marker, and ta daaa!  Done.

  • To make the sheet protector last longer, I’d suggest using an old sock or rag to wipe as opposed to a piece of tissue.
  • Put a piece of hard cardboard in the back, and you can write on the surface anywhere.
  • Get a metal clipboard, clip the page protector onto it and you have a portable magnet board, too!

Do you have other variations?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  I’d love to hear from you!

Next Tuesday, I’ll show you how to use flash cards in conjunction with your white board to help you actively study.




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3 thoughts on “DIY Whiteboard Tutorial

  1. Hey Blue, Hope you well. Great idea 🙂 I use a lot of paper scribbling down my ideas, this will come in handy.

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  2. For sure! I’m the same way!!! I have the ultra fine whiteboard markers that I use to do mind maps and things. This saves a lot of paper, since I can draw and redraw relationships between stuff more easily. ^.^


  3. I like this idea too. I think we could make it even more fun by putting in a light colored blue, green, pink plain piece of paper and “Voila!,” we are an artist. Great idea – we can be in a coffee shop or a business meeting and create a quick presentation! Thanks for sharing.

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