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Setting up your RFL Baton

The Relay For Life Baton is used to set up your Relayer page with RFL of Secondlife.  You will need to be officially on a team to setup your baton, which means the Captain must have you listed on the roster.  Blue has added most of our teammates to the roster, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.  If you find that you are unable to setup the baton, please contact Blue or Natalya and they will make sure you on are on the roster.  

Before you go through this tutorial, please make sure you’ve set up your Convio Dashboard (The dashboard that enables you to do online donations) If you have not set it up, here is a great tutorial Blue made to walk you through it.


  1. To setup your baton/Relayer page, simply wear or rez your baton.  I decided to rez mine, rather than wear it, because my avatar kept moving her hands and it made it difficult to click on the baton.



Me with Baton in hand and one on the floor.

2. Next you will need to click the baton, it will bring a message/link into local chat.  It should look like the picture below, but with your SL username instead of mine:


3.  Click the link, and that will take you to your Relay page.

4. Your page should look something like this:

baton 7 personal info

Fill out the personal info listed above and select your privacy options.  You can make each detail so that only the team Captains/RFL committee can see it, if you wish.

5. Next is a section that says “My Convio Px Number:”

baton 6 convio

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, please make sure you’ve set up your Convio Dashboard. You cannot link your Relayer Page to your Convio page, unless you have it set up.

6.  You will need to open up your Convio Fundraising Dashboard page.   Go to and login to your personal fundraising page. Once you have logged in, select “Personalize My Page” and that should bring you to the area you need to get your Convio Number.

baton 5

7. Once you are on your personal Convio page, you can look at the web address at the top of the page to find your Convio PX Number.  It will be a different number than the one pictured below, so please make sure you look carefully.  It will be whatever number comes after “personal&px=” in the web address.  Copy that number.

baton Confio number 2

8.  Once you have your Convio Px Number, return to your Relayer page and paste it into the box.  That will link your Convio Fundraising Dashboard donations to your Secondlife donations, on your SL of RFL totals page!

9.  Below the Convio number, there is a section to adjust how your Kiosks appear in Secondlife.  The awesome thing about going through this setup, is any basic kiosk you rez will be automatically set to you and the Builder’s Brewery team.  You may still have to set up special kiosks, but the basic ones should be good go go, once you complete this process.

Baton 4

10.  Last but not least, fill in the “Why I Relay” section.  Please be aware, anything you put in this section is public.

baton 9

11. Once you’ve filled everything out and completed all the other steps, hit “SQUEE!” to save your Relayer Page details.  Viola!  You are now all connected to Relay For Life in Second Life!  And connected to your team!





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