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Calling all Second Life Artists

BAF Final PosterIt’s that time of year again when the Builders Brewery hosts their third annual Art Auction!

From May 21st-28th, the Brewery will hold a festival featuring artists from all over the grid.  The week-long festivities will feature Relay for Life teams, with a silent art auction as its centerpiece.

We are looking for artists that would like to donate art to the event.  If you are interested, please fill out the form here.

If you have any questions, you can contact Blue Myanamotu in-world, or send her an email at

Thank you, and see you at the Art Festival!



The Gacha Festival – Shopping Guide

The Gacha Festival is at the Builder’s Brewery starting April 9th.  The Festival will run through the 16th of April and we have lots of fabulous creators who have donated their wares to raise money for the American Cancer Society!  Some are exclusives!

Below you will find our shopping guide for the event, as well as information about our amazing creators and their stores!  We encourage you to check our their shops and stores.  They were so kind and giving to come together and help us support the America Cancer Society and Relay For Life!  Each image below has a link to either their marketplace or in-world store.

There is also a special Raffle for this event, presented by our team Captain Blue Myanamotu.  You can enter to win a custom-made set of awareness ribbons.  Check out the image below for more information.

Brewery Ribbon Raffle

So head on over to the Builder’s Brewery!  Here’s your Taxi:


Gacha Festival “Gotya” Vendor Tutorial and Tips

This tutorial is meant to help those participating in Gacha Festival at the Builder’s Brewery for Relay For Life.  Please feel free to contact Natalya Lore (freudianslipped Resident) in-world if you have any questions about the Festival.  She can also be reached via email,, if she is offline.

The Gacha Festival will have set up April 6th through the 8th and Natalya will send each creator a map, so they know where to rez their vendor.

One tip before we begin:

If you set up a RFL “Gotya” vendor and then take it back into your inventory, it will reset.  The items may still be in the vendor, but you will have to go through the setup process again.  It may be best to wait to set up your vendor until you are onsite at the Builder’s Brewery.

Part 1 – Loading the “Gotya” Vendor

  1. Rez the “Gotya” Vendor.

    It will put some instructions in local chat and it will look like the image below:combined gotya

  2. Next, load your items into the vendor.

    • Your gacha items should be either trans or trans/mod for “Next owner” permissions.
    • Your “Uncommon” or “Rare” items will need to have Uncommon or Rare in their name for the vendor to recognize them.  Capitalization should not affect it, as long as it’s spelled correctly.  Check out the example below.  I did not have an uncommon in my set, only a rare.
    • gotya4a
    • If your set does not have a rare or uncommon (Meaning it is made up of all commons), you will still need to label one item uncommon.  Otherwise, the vendor will not allow you to complete setup.
  3. Next, you will need to put a Full Perm texture of your gacha key in the vendor.

    The vendor will not let you complete setup unless it has the texture and it must be full perm.  gotya4b

  4. Lastly, you can drag your key to the top square of the vendor, so that it displays the key.  It should look something like this:gotya 5

Once you’ve got all the items and the key on/in the vendor, you can move on to part 2.


Part 2 – Setting up the “Gotya” Vendor Online

  1. Now that you’ve got the vendor loaded, click on it and it should provide you with a message/link in local chat.gotya 6Click the link and it will take you to the vendor setup page.

  2. The setup page will look like this:gotya 7

  3. The first part you will need to set up is the “Team” option.

    Make sure to set it to the “Builder’s Brewery Relay (67)” when selecting a team.  Otherwise, all donations go into a general fund and our team will not get credit.  gotya 8

  4. Next, you can set up the “Vendor Options.”

    This allows you to edit what shows in the hovertext for the item.  You can check or uncheck any of the boxes and also select a color for the vendor’s hovertext.gotya 9

  5. Next, you can set your stats for Uncommon and Rare items.  

    The Rare percentage must be lower than then Uncommon percentage.  For example, you can set Uncommons to 11% and Rares to 10% and the vendor will allow you to continue setup.  If you set the Rares to 10% and Uncommons to 5%, it will ask you to fix it if you try to continue on.  Commons will be whatever percentage is left over, so if you have Uncommons at 25% and Rares at 10%, that will mean that Commons will be given out 65% of the time.

    • Note: If you have only commons, but have labeled one item uncommon so the vendor will allow you to set it up, you should leave the stats as is.  gotya 10
  6. After that, you will select a “Product Category” and fill out a Description for your items.

    The description can be brief, but it is required to complete setup.gotya 11

  7. After that, you will need to set the price of your item.

    Remember, most Gacha items sell for between 25-100L.  The Flower Crowns I’ve used in this example, I intend to set to 25L, since they are a smaller item and the colors vary a lot.  gotya 12

  8. Now for the last step of part 2, hit “Done.”

    This will complete the online setup.  If something has not been set or filled out, it will prompt you to go back and fix it.Gotya 13

If you’ve done it all correctly, you will get a page that looks like this:gotya 14

9. Click the Vendor in-world, and you will get a message asking if the vendor can access to your Linden Dollar Account.  The reason it asks this is because the funds are paid to your avatar, but then they are immediately taken out and put into the RFL account.

10. Click “Allow Access” and the vendor should be completely set up.  The hovertext will appear above bit and it is ready to be used.

allow access

And now your vendor should be ready to go for the festival!



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