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Stop, drop, and ROLL!!!


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I’m an overly ambitious person with a to do list a mile long that extends well out into the next decade.  However, I have received the gift of a very tight October 19th deadline (16 days) to get my dissertation proposal draft finished and turned into my committee (le gasp!).

To me, it feels like I’m perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon, about to make my jump over the edge, while asking myself to do the impossible – to fly!  Fortunately, I have a backup parachute if things don’t go well, but I don’t plan on using it.

Anyways, this  deadline made me think about how I have so many things I want and need to do – both on a weekly and daily basis.  However, as I look at my list, I have to be realistic, and strip everything down so that my most important goal gets done.

What that means is no distractions.  I don’t have time to be distracted.

STOP doing things that are not important or do not contribute to my #1 goal of writing my dissertation.

DROP anything that distracts you, and that can be done after October 19th.

ROLL with everything you’ve got.  EVERYTHING.  Keep your eye on the prize, and invest everything into getting it.  Rest later.

Which means, I may not be able to do regular blog posts for a while – and if I do, they will short, like this one.  Also, these posts are personal reminders, and for me to remember:  We experience life by being fully present.

We experience life by being fully present.  Sometimes, when these goals are particularly important and life-changing, they require our full presence to be achieved.  Your amount of effort and sacrifice is a clear message to your muses and the universe that yes, you want this goal so badly, that you are willing to live for it.

Be in the moment, and battle on, my friends!


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