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Peacekeepers Promise of Love in Dark Times

The words came across in one of my newsgroups. Please feel free to take the graphic, since I created it (not the words, just the graphic – I don’t know who wrote these words, unfortunately).

The words are also printed below, in case you’d like to copy/paste to make your own graphic.



Peacekeepers Promise of Love in Dark Times

If you wear a hijab, I’ll sit with you on the train.

If you’re trans, I’ll go to the bathroom with you.

If you’re a person of color, I’ll stand with you if the cops stop you and/or whenever you need me.

If you’re a person with disabilities, I’ll hand you my megaphone.

If you’re LGBTQ, I won’t let anybody tell you you’re broken.

If you’re a woman, I’ll fight by your side for all your rights.

If you’re an immigrant, I’ll help you find resources.

If you’re a survivor, I’ll believe you.

If you’re a Native American, I’ll stand with you to protect our water, your burial grounds, and your people.

If you’re a refugee, I’ll make sure you’re welcome.

If you’re a union member, fighting for one, or fighting for $15/hour, I’ll be there.

If you’re a veteran, a college student, a member of the working or middle class, I’ll fight against austerity measures and for more publically funded assistance for all.

If you’re sick or just human, I’ll take up the fight for universal healthcare.

If you’re tired, me too.

If you need a hug, I’ve got an infinite supply.

If you need me, I’ll be with you.  All I ask is that you be with me too.


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2 thoughts on “Peacekeepers Promise of Love in Dark Times

  1. This verse inspire a song in me. May I correspond with you as the song develops? It would be good to have your input. I am a singer/songwriter from Boston.
    I write songs about relational dynamics I encounter and/or observe. The range of interactions in your prose will be a challenge, however, I sense there is a way to bring it together with the message “If you need a hug, I’ve got an infinite supply.”

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    John Mark

    Liked by 1 person

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