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Virtuosity 365

cappuccino-756490_640For each day of 2017, this blog will post a motivation to help fellow grad students get through the year.

These daily motivations are for you, and they are for me. May you enjoy them, and please, feel free to comment or provide suggestions on content you would like to see!

May 2017 be filled with much love, prosperity, and the actualization of your goals!

Now, get your coffee, and let’s get to work!



Accessories for Recording Audio Narration | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

Recording audio narration means having the right equipment. It starts with a good microphone & is enhanced with accessories that allow for good quality.

Source: Accessories for Recording Audio Narration | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

Act of Kindness Advent Calendar 2016

In December, end the year strong. Choose love. Choose kindness.

I’m sharing the link to the Kindness Advent Calendar from the “Make Today Happy Blog.” You can download it from her site.

Happy December!


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