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Find your balance

Throughout this year, I will be posting frequent reminders to find balance in the things that we do. That balance is dynamic and contradictory (i.e., enjoy eating, but don’t eat junkfood; be successful, but don’t be obsessed). My balance isn’t the same as yours, and on some days, balance means something different.

That’s okay. If you watch someone on a tightrope, they do not stand still. Instead, they wobble to the left, to the right, they move forward, and sometimes, they almost lose it. Sometimes, they do, and fall (hopefully) into a safety net, and start over on the rope again. Life is like that, too.

Today, think about your balance. How will you accomplish your goals, but find the balance that you need in your life, and what does that balance look like? It may change each day, but at least, on some days, you are thinking about it. Like today!





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One thought on “Find your balance

  1. Excellent advice, thank you

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