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Mendeley Reference Software

7923439940_a4157d3a18_bAll grad students begin to amass a large collection of literature from the day they start their first classes. An older grad student advised that I should start sticking all this literature into a reference manager (i.e., bibliographic database) so that I can find stuff later. It was one of the best pieces of advice I had ever been given.

Originally, I began putting things into Sente, but never actually used it to generate bibliographies in my actual documents. However, it was very helpful for keeping things together, and for tagging and finding stuff. The problem with Sente, I found, and with a lot of other reference management software, is that powerful programs can get way too complicated. I found it difficult to change the way things were cited in Sente, and I just couldn’t trust the program to build a bibliography correctly for me.

After my comprehensive exams, it was a great time to switch to another program, and a friend advised that I try Mendeley. The biggest push for Mendeley is that it’s free! Second, Mendeley is made with far more accessibility and flexibility – something that I found lacking when comparing Sente to Mendeley. Last, the Word plugin  for Mendeley seems easy to use. At least, so far. I will know more when I finish this paper and use Mendeley for building the bibliography.

In the meantime, here’s some links to help you get started in Mendeley:

Get Started With Mendeley – PDF tutorial

Videos and Tutorials page on Mendeley

Happy writing and referencing!!!


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