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The in-between moment

The in-between moment is the transition period right before you start an action. Everyone experiences this, because it’s the moment right before you flip the switch from “off” to “on.” For example, an in-between moment for me is when I’ve fully dressed out to go run. I have everything set up except my phone, which has my music. As soon as I go to grab my phone, I stop and hesitate. Then, ten minutes later, I’m at the computer, and the moment of action has passed. I end up doing nothing.

In-between moments are evil, because they occur right before the “point of no return.” I stumbled upon a video talking about the in-between moment, and how to snap out of it.

Wait three seconds, then freak out!



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One thought on “The in-between moment

  1. Good video Blue… with rainy, snowy, cold weather — it’s hard to get motivated sometimes, easy to just put exercise on the back burner, but we FEEL more motivated if we exercise… I’m heading to the gym! 🙂

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