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Finding love – a writing prompt

lovevalentineEven though everyone seems to focus on romantic love, there is more than one kind of love in the world. Today, find your loves. By love, I don’t mean your partner(s) – what I mean is, “What do you love and why?” Today, make an assessment of the people and things that you love. I’ve given you a list to get started!

People I love: Make a list of the people you love. i.e. Who are your family, friends, acquaintances, and people that you love? What is it about them that makes you love them? Try to think of the unusual sorts of love that you have and give to people. Love comes in many different forms, and it could also be an appreciation, a gratefulness, an affection for others.

e.g., I love the crossing guard lady that works by my school. Although she and I have barely talked, I admire her dedication to her job. Even when the frozen wind howls, she is still there, bundled up so that I can only see her eyes. Yet, she waves at me with a gloved hand. When children cross the street, I love the feeling of knowing that for that moment, they are safe and under her protection.

Things that I love: This list could probably go on indefinitely! What are all the different things you love? These could be objects, they could be concepts, they could be little things, or big things. Again, push your boundaries on what love is and what it means. Explore why you love certain things.

e.g., I love cloudless mornings where I can see the golden sun. I love my warm coffee, my technology, and my warm wool socks. The things I love give me joy, either because they help me do certain things to help me move forward, or they are things that make me feel happy.

What I love doing: This list is about the actions, practices, and “stuff” that you love to do. They can be simple, little actions, or big actions. Either way, think about why you love doing them.

e.g. I love to take deep breaths, because they remind me to gather myself and pull inward. When I inhale, I’m refreshing the oxygen and energy in my body. When I exhale, I release the stress, the tension, and the negative thoughts. 

I love writing, because it gives me a chance to think, reflect, and work toward my destiny. Writing gives me the ability to speak up for the things I believe in, and it helps me transform into a better version of myself. 

Did I miss any “love” categories? Feel free to share your love in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Finding love – a writing prompt

  1. This is a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, giving thanks for many things. Thanks, Blue! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I give thanks for the inspiration I receive from my Blogging friends every day!

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, as well!!! Thank you for your insightful blog. It gives me opportunities to see things from different perspectives, which I am oh, so grateful for! ^.^


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