Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…

Not broken, but beautiful

In order to become a tree, a seed must break. For a while, everything looks like chaos, until we see the tree emerge out of the ground, and sprout its first leaves. Until then, nothing may look familiar.

Our society often tells us that we are broken. We have broken hearts, broken minds, and broken souls. I disagree. We cannot grow, and we cannot shape ourselves to be the people we aspire to be unless we break the structures that hold us back. Even with broken hearts, if they are given permission to heal, they become stronger and more resilient.

Breaking is identity work. The difference is whether we choose to stay broken, or we grow from the experience. In either case, we will never be our old selves again. Let go of the things that tie you down, and grab your destiny. It is waiting for you!



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