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Revisit your goals

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajzaaaajdy1mjiynwziltbhnjktndaznc05yjvkltfimjmym2riodvknwTomorrow will be March. In March, the nights get shorter, the days get a little warmer, and many parts of the world get ready for the spring.

To me, I view winter like flowers. Beneath the snow, everything is cold, and quiet. It’s a time for introspection, reflection, and inner growth. Winter is a time for sleeping, for regenerating, and for preparing for the days ahead.

How did you do on your yearly goals? Today, write a reflection on the state of your progress. Be honest with yourself, but let go of any guilt, if you felt you did not progress as quickly as you thought you would. Think about the reasons for why you are where you are with your progress.

Then, revisit your plans and smaller goals. Plans are not set in stone. Instead, they are flexible and adaptable, according to changing conditions. Make the changes that you need to, let go of the things that keep you back, then, when you are ready, we face March together!



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One thought on “Revisit your goals

  1. I will probably use that success chart in one of my blog posts 🙂

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