Virtuosity 11.11

Where words become worlds…

A daily routine

pocket-33486_960_720My begins in the morning, with some stretches, shower, and a sit-down at the computer to write for 10 minutes.

I then get cup of coffee while the family wakes up to get ready for work and school. During this time, the thoughts from my writing swirl in my mind.

By the time everyone leaves, and it quiet again, I am ready to sit back at my desk. I take time to write out my to do list for the day, and update my tasks on my Asana task manager.

I contact some of the fellow students, and then, we settle down to write for 25-1 hour sprints, depending on what we do.

Even though I work from home, my routine helps keep me consistent. I’ve had to experiment with various ways to be productive, and have found that being able to explicitly state your daily goals, then work toward them has been most effective.

For today, finish out your week strong!



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