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Save money – buy used books!

In addition to journal articles, social science researchers build our arguments from a variety of books. I’ve learned very quickly that our libraries can be very costly! One money-saving tip to cut down the cost is to look for used book copies on Amazon. In fact, oftentimes, you can get new, or barely used copies at a fraction of the price, along with shipping charges (which, for some books, is still significantly cheaper than buying the book new).


You’ll see the buying choices for used books, here. As you can tell, $4.59 (plus around $4 shipping) is still a lot cheaper than $21.79 for the new book!




Sometimes (not always) the first few choices offer the best deals.


When you get to the used book page, some bookstores will actually tell you a bit more about the condition of the book. I’ve lucked out many times, and purchased used books that have barely been opened! Plus, if you don’t mind a little bit of highlighting, you can really get some good discounts to save money on textbooks this way.

As a student, I also strongly suggest taking advantage of the student Amazon Prime discount. Although it is only good for four years, you still save a bit of money, and your books arrive pretty fast.

Happy researching!!!


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2 thoughts on “Save money – buy used books!

  1. I love books and I love buying used books!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Same, here! In fact, I prefer books that have been slightly used. They’re softer, easier to open and read. ^.^


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