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Resources for free graphics

information-1015297_640It is highly advantageous to know how to use graphics in your presentations and reports. Sometimes, building a model is far better at illustrating what you want to say than simply words. To help, here’s some places you can go to get free graphics, and to edit graphics for free:

Picmonkey – Is a really fast, down and dirty graphics editor with clip art and templates, along with photo filters to help. The paid version unlocks more features.

Canva – Is a great way to create cards, brochures, and posters with professional-looking templates to get started quickly.

Blender – Is a free and very powerful open source graphics program that can help you draw graphics, diagrams, etc.

Pixabay – Offers royalty-free graphics that you can easily pop into your presentations. There’s a lot to choose from here, and you’ll notice some of my past blogs use many of the graphics offered from this site. One of my favorite artists is 3DMan, who has a series of figurines that can be fun and very useful.

Freepic – Has some really great looking graphics that you can use in your presentations. The only disadvantage is that many of these come as packages, and will require graphics software (such as Blender) to get them looking how you want them to look.

Also, as I mentioned before, Microsoft SmartArt is a great feature to the Office Suite, and Google Images (choose, under “Tools” –> “Usage Rights” –> Labeled for Reuse).

Happy Presenting!


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