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Clearing out the Cobwebs.

Last year I celebrated the pagan holiday of Yule for the first time, specifically the Norse leaning traditions that go along with it.  As the year begins a new, I started a few new ventures to try to realize the hopes, dreams and resolutions I had for the coming year.

My second year in Second Life has been quite different from the first, my second rez day will be March of this year.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and the more I reflect back on it all, the more I’m glad I came.  Even though it has not been all sunshine, it has definitely changed me for the better.  Though I can’t collect the physical photos of everything I’ve done in the last couple of years, I have lots of fond memories.


Looking over the memories


My newest virtual adventure is a foray into clothing making.  I’m still figuring things out, but I finally got a store up and my first set of shirts made.  I think that trying new things helps us express ourselves.  I did parts of the decal by hand and then fancied them up in photoshop.

My hope is for this year to be a year of learning new skills, trying new things and setting out on new adventures.  So glad to have you all along for the ride!  – Nat



Photo Credits:

1st Photo:

Props – Storage boxes, camera and photo piles – What Next (Storage boxes at Collabor88)

Top – Cathby Shrug & Strappy Cami – Tres Blah

Hair – Elikatira

Pants/Boots – Ison


2nd Photo:

Top – Wonder Woman Tee in Blue – White Queen Designs

Hair – Elikatira


Winter 2015 Look Book

Hi Everyone!

Blue here.  I’ve been hunkering down at my desk, trying to be a grad student, which is why I have not been on here as much.  As I start to see a glimmer of light at the end of my very, very long tunnel, my friends have reminded me that once in a while, I must duck out and enjoy the seasons.  Since Natalya started to do it, I thought I’d continue the tradition of a Look Book!  Often, I will see someone in SL, or see a picture of them in Flickr, and I want to know where they got their beautiful outfit, or their hair, or their skin or eyes.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite outfits with you, along with where you might find them.

I start with the one that I wear most often during the holidays, since you just never know when you’ll be in a sim with ice!  You’ve always gotta be prepared, right?


Hello, Winter!

This outfit (as are many of the ones I put together) is a bricolage from a lot of different sets.  My inventory is terrible, I admit – just a total mess, but when I find things I like, I tend to include them in other places – like this!

I added a little bit of a vignette (love doing that to my pictures), softened the lines, and added text using

For the rest, please check out below, and enjoy!

Where this was taken:

Visit this location at Enchantment ~ Neverland ~ {Nov 14 to Dec 5} in Second Life

My outfit:
Jacket, miniskirt and thigh highs outfit:…

Fingerless gloves clothing layer:…

Mesh Scarf:

Ice Skates:


My Avatar Parts:
Hair: Exile: Falling for you Fusion 2

Skin: Lumae Nima, Honey

Makeup: [mock] Stardust Shadow Peony and Blushing Contessa Lipshine…

Shape: Dr. Life Fen (with lots of my own modifications)

This is Halloween

As you can probably tell, I love fall and Halloween fashions.  If you are looking for some cute things in world related to fall and Halloween, get your avvie on over to Collabor88 and the Seasons Story.  They have both cute Halloween decor, beautiful outfits and awesome new things for fall.  Here’s some of the items I grabbed:


[Click Images to enlarge]

Check out Collabor88 here and the Seasons Story here.

Style Credit

Jacket – Foxes – The Pagan – Leather Jacket – @Collabor88
Dress – Foxes The Pagan Tunic Dress – @Collabor88
Boots – Pure Poison Adrianna boots (with texture and color changing HUD) @Collabor88
Hair – Elika by Elikatira
Trees – Half Deer – Dead Wood Tree in Ashen and Elder @Collabor88
Couch – Pure Poison Planty Couch @Collabor88
Tub – unKindness – Comfort Tubby (free gift) @The Seasons Story
Tree with Pumpkins – The Horror! – Nightmare Tree in Purple @The Seasons Story

Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to Socialize

As soon as October hits, my mind turns to Halloween.  Last year was my first Halloween in Second Life and I loved exploring spooky sims and finding cute Halloween outfits.  When I set out to find a new outfit for this ghostly season, I decided to check out some of the Halloween Hunts.  They did not disappoint!  Check out the cute dress and accessories I found, link to the hunt is below!

allhallows eve

Check out the All Hallows Eve Hunt here.

Style Credit – Items from the All Hallows Eve Hunt are in bold.  Each item is only 1L!  What a steal!

Hair: Before Dark by Clawtooth

Bow: {Mango Cheeks} Punkin Hairbows: Pumpkin

Necklace/Earrings: Purple Witch Hat Necklace/Earrings By Darkmatter (Comes in several colors)

Dress: Corset Dress by AmAzInNg CrEaTiOns (Comes with 5 different textures for the dress, HUD Driven)

Shoes: Haelyn by Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes 

Ghosts: Kitsch Young Lad Ghost and Kitsch Lady Ghost by Cheeky Pea, currently on sale at UBER

Leaves: Storybook Fall Ground Cover by {what next}

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