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Gacha 101 – The Gacha Crash Course

The Gacha Crash Couse

This course was taught at the Builder’s Brewery last week, but since I am unable to teach the class again, I decided to share it here.  This class was developed by me, Natalya Lore, with support and contributions from Garvie Garzo.  It covers the basics of what Gacha is, how it works and most of what you need to know to create your own Gacha sets.

The Gacha Crash Couse (1)

Gacha got its start in Japan.  It then spread into virtual and video games, including Secondlife.  Gacha vendors give prizes out randomly.  In the real world, this would be due to luck of the draw, in games like Secondlife, scripts are used to accomplish this.

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Gacha is usually transferable, which gives the consumer a chance to give or trade a Gacha item with a friend.  If you get a blue and they get a purple, you can trade so you both get what you want.  The social aspect and the game of chance are both things that make Gacha fun.


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Most sets have commons, uncommons and rares.  The consumer is most likely to get a “common” item,  they are less likely to get an “uncommon” item, and least likely to get a “rare” item.  There are usually a lot of commons, a few uncommons, and very few rares.

It’s also possible to do a Gacha with just commons or commons and rares.  It is really up to the creator how their set works and what it includes.

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Sets will usually have a theme and are not must made up of random objects.  It might be a furniture set that has a house as a rare, or a set of outfits in different colors.

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As I mentioned before, part of the fun of Gacha is being able to share it.  Therefore, most items have either mod/trans or transfer permissions.  You will almost never see a gacha item with copy permissions.

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It will depend on the script you use, the picture here shows how the Relay For Life “Gotya” vendors set up their statistics.  Each play causes the vendor to roll a die and send out a prize accordingly.  If the vendor is set to give out a “rare” 10% of the time and an “uncommon” 15% of the time, then it will give out “commons” 75% of the time.  10+15+75 = 100%.

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In the class, I gave the example that I played a Jackalope Gacha which cost 75L about 13 times, which totaled to 1000L.  If the creator had just sold the pieces for 250L each, I would have bought the ones I wanted and probably not have spent as much.

Also, if the vendor was priced at 250L, I would be a lot less likely to make more than one play on a machine, since it costs more and I am not all that likely to get what I want.

So stick to a lower price and expect that your customers will make more than one play to get the item they want.

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A lot of people sell the Gacha they do not want, in order to get some of the money they spent back.  People will also sell rares and uncommons at a marked up price, to make a profit.

Some people do not like this practice, but ultimately I think it helps everyone.  The creators have already been paid, and people who would rather look for a specific item have that chance.  They may not always find that item, and they still may have to go back and play the Gacha machine if they cannot find it.

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There are several Gacha events on the grid, so you can visit them and their websites to view their shopping guides.  Shopping guides provide all the Gacha keys for the event, so you can take a look at what kind of sets these creators sell, what their keys look like, and what kind of variety the event has.  I would recommend looking at the following websites


The Arcade – It is currently open until the end of March, so you can also find them in-world and take a look at their event.

The Epiphany – Not currently open, but you can view their shopping guides online.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – I don’t believe it’s open, but you can view the shopping guides at their website.

Seraphim Yard Sale List – A really good list of the different yard sale sites in Secondlife.  A great way to check out the aftermarket.


And those are the basics!  If you are interested in joining the Gacha Festival which benefits the American Cancer Society, please check out this post.

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