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Week 4 – Presentations, Proposals, and Conferences, Oh MY!

My apologies for not being able to keep up with my blog posts! With November 30th looming closer on the horizon, I feel like my work is funneling down, and I’ve had to quicken my pace just to keep up!

Last week was the first of many presentations that I am doing on the learning model derived from my dissertation study. As a hybrid between the folks at the University of Rochester’s Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA) community and a Zoom session with over 25 people from the Builder’s Brewery community in Second Life, it was an amazing collaborative experience! I walked away with many ideas as I continue to clarify my language, strengthen my arguments with evidence, and make modifications to my model. The exciting thing is that so far, it seems that I’m pretty much on target with what people are saying, and that my interpretations are in agreement with what people perceive. This is imperative for the qualitative work that I am doing!!!

This week, I’m completing the final edits to a manuscript (accepted for publication!) from my previous work with the Rochester Institute of Technology’s COMETs program. I’m also submitting two (of four intended) conference proposals about the findings from my dissertation. Additionally, I have one more full chapter to work on (yikes, it’s the big finale chapter!) before going back to do total revisions. So far, things look good, but it’s always going to be a scramble to get everything written in time!

Hopefully, I’ll be at a point where these updates come more often.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

LiDA talk



Pivot was part of the artistic build named “Tilt,” created by Thickbrick Sleaford.  It was also an autoethnographic performance for Burn 2 in Second Life.  I had the honor of being on stage along side Natalya Lore and Explorer Dastardly.  Although I went into Burn 2 with a burning fire for unleashing some of my nervous creativity, I did not come prepared for the utter joy, enlightenment and satisfaction I found in working with these three people who are very near and dear to me.  Burn 2 was more than doing art for art’s sake – I found that it was an opportunity to create with family in a way that brought us closer.

Tilt and pivot, like a woman on glass heels.  She sways to the left of the light, bathed in the flicker of other people.  She sways to the right of the dark and moves inside.  In and out, left, right, left, her body must not stay still, for her feet must never stray from the line.  As the glass shatters and tears her skin apart, she leaves behind tiny, perfect footprints made from her blood.  Life is averaged.  She walks on, and the audience claps politely.

In autoethnographic performance, the performer shares experience as a way to enlighten, transform, and sometimes, to heal.  I share my slides here with you to enjoy as well…

Verschränkung – Second Life and Flickr

I returned to Second Life after taking a two year hiatus.  Upon coming back, many of my favorite sims had closed, and most of the people on my friendslist had left.  It felt as if I had returned to the post apocalyptic ruins of a once great and ancient civilization – everywhere…shadows of former life, people, and imprints of a robust community.

Yet, like survivors of an apocalypse, we gather the pieces, rebuild, and find what’s left to live again.  Oftentimes when I visit sims, I wonder, “Is it alive?  Is it dead?  What can I do?  What can I salvage?”  In some places, Second Life is very much alive and well.  In other places, it’s a wasteland, where your appearance will be the only traffic that that sim will have for the next few weeks.  Sifting through the refuge, you find hidden treasures, held more precious now, because the population of Second Life has declined; the ones left who thrive?  They are the survivors.

And now, I’ve discovered Flickr!  Like many virtual tools and worlds, I’ve learned to approach them with a very jaded perspective – is this alive?  Is it dead?  Is there something better?  You determine very quickly whether you’ve come before, during, or after the quarum.  In Flickr’s case, I sifted through many old, discarded profiles and albums trying to answer that question: Is it alive?  Has it been abandoned for something better?  What can I do?

Suffice to say, I was quite pleased with my discovery!  Not only is Flickr alive and well, but it has become another connection for me to the amazing and talented artists in Second Life.  Here, take a look at this group:

Check out some of the photos below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Perhaps Second Life is not dead, but… we must find the parts that are alive, and nurture them for growing.
Lycan vs Dragons



You dance like a queen In spite of all the things you never wanted

Dancing horse / Artist : Livio Korobase

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