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Sticking to the plan –

Congratulations!  We are almost done with week 2 of the new year!  How are you doing with it?

On the first of the year, I wrote a post about resolving resolutions.  One of the bullets on my own annual list was about blogging more.  To kick start the process, I have been taking a Blogging 101 class with Aubrey, the other writer of this blog.  Offered through Blogging University, this class has been incredibly enjoyable, and I have learned so much, and met so many great people already through it!

As I’ve been reading through blogs, I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers have been writing about their resolutions in one form or another.  It got me thinking about how to approach my own list.  For example, the blog, Brilliant Viewpoint talked about checking your bucket list on a “quarterly” basis.  I thought it was brilliant!  I think I’ll be checking my list on an even more regular basis – at least at the beginning, until things become habit.  Then Ann, in her blog, Ruminations, had me thinking about just HOW do we go about fulfilling our goals?

Goals, and New Years Resolutions included, require a strategy.  Here’s my strategy:

  1.  Break goals down into bite-sized pieces.
    • A big resolution, like running a marathon, can be impossibly huge when seen in one chunk.  However, smaller goals, like, “Run 3 miles every other day.” is doable.  Even of you don’t manage to reach your BIG goal, at least you can go through the year knowing that you’ve taken little bites, and succeeded!
    • HOW will you get the goal done?
    • Make a plan.  Breaking things down in steps will help you focus on putting one foot in front of the other, instead of worrying about dangling off the bridge when you make your journey.
  2. Create a timeline for your goals.
    • WHEN will you get the goal done?
    • When will you get the smaller goals done?
    • Set the timeline, then on a quarterly basis, revisit, revise, and do!
  3. Get support!
    • I use a Kanban table, which helps me figure out what I can reasonably take on in a day.  It also helps me “park” the stuff that may not be a priority now, but keeps me from forgetting to do it later.
    • Find support in the blogging community.  People with similar goals may post ways that they have faced and overcome their challenges.  In Kritika’s Blog, Conquer the Now, for example, she uses her unique background in psychology to suggest different techniques for reaching our personal goals.  Well work a drop in!
  4. Get support from friends and family.  Share your goals with supportive people.  Oftentimes, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear, “Oh, hey!  I want to do that, too!”  Then, you end up accomplishing your goals together.
    • For example, Aubrey and I text each other reminders to work out.  I know, for instance, that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I’m done with my workout, I should text her – even if it’s just a thumbs up – because she’ll be sweating away on the elliptical.  Somehow, holding each other accountable helps than just by doing it yourself.
    • Check out Aubrey’s posts on time management and getting things done.  You may pick up a trick or two to add to your toolbox!
  5. Lastly, don’t give up!  Even if you don’t make a resolution or goal now, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it next time.  This is the third year where I’ve put the goal, “Run a marathon” on my to do list.  Each year, something happens where I don’t end up completing it.  I don’t give up, however!  It’s because this is on my list that I still make my 5K runs, even when I don’t feel like it.

Every step, no matter how small, is still a step forward!  So, don’t be discouraged.  Just keep at it, okay?  How are you doing with your goals?  How do you accomplish them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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6 thoughts on “Sticking to the plan –

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing some other sites as well.

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  2. I love how you have summarized and given us links so we can try these tools too. These last two years, for me, have had to be about caring foe sick parents, and still keep my job and be present for my husband. So i am a little on the opposite side of making resolutions. More like, i will take today as it comes and be flexible, which is hard for me.

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    • Karen, that is completely understandable! I have some colleagues of mine, who continually remind me (because I tend to be too goal oriented at times) that rest, breathing, and balance are all productive things. I forget sometimes, and I even have a reminder to be fully present, and to breath (it’s a rock on my desk that I look at, to remember). Hopefully, you have those spaces this year, where you can carve out moments to take care of yourself. It is very important, too!

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